May 28, 2023

Co-founders of Bumiterra speak for @america’s EnviroPitch, A Competition For Green Solutions

Last October, Bumiterra was invited by @america to become a panelist and a speaker for their EnviroPitch competition, The Future Is Green:  Innovations in Carbon Removal, Waste Management, and Sustainable Business to Prolong Our Life On Earth. @america is a center powered by the U.S. Embassy to provide a space for young Indonesians to learn more about the United States and share ideas on issues of interest to both Americans and Indonesians.

With irregular weather and natural disasters becoming more prevalent, the current climate crisis is increasingly alarming. Countries collaborate with each other to come up with innovative solutions to mitigate climate change. The younger generation has a vital role in tackling the climate issue as they are the people that will inherit the earth in the future. EnviroPitch is a way for brilliant and innovative ideas to be presented and realized with help from a curated panel of experts. The competition entails an infographic with issues surrounding carbon removal, waste management, and managing a sustainable business. The top three finalists have the chance to present their ideas and make them a reality. The winner of the competition will gain funding of 30 million rupiahs and get the opportunity to complete an internship at Bumiterra.

EnviroPitch is an event spanning three dates. On October 5th, @america held a webinar titled ‘Understanding The Needs And Opportunities of Our Earth’ where they talk about the importance of being aware of the current climate issues that are happening.

On the 12th of October, Bumiterra’s co-founder, James Joseph, along with the Senior Editor at Mongabay Indonesia, Sapariah Saturi-Harsono, together gave a talk with the title ‘Let’s Slow Down The Climate Change’.

“Everyone has a role and the power to change things that seem big and out of reach.”, expressed James - noting that systemic change has to start with individuals.

The seasoned carbon trader also explained, “When we raise our voice and have the courage to choose products and media content that is eco-friendly, it will also have a chain of effects. Businesses will start to cater to consumer interests and produce more green products. Governments, then, will make regulations that adjust to the business activities.”

The talk show discussed climate anxiety and concerns regarding what else can we do to contribute to mitigating climate change. One solution brought up the existence of carbon offset efforts including reforestation and waste management which are then turned into carbon credits; a system that allows not only big corporations but also individuals to contribute to the environment.

“Big changes can start with small things. It starts with making choices that will create trends that will be picked up by businesses and the establishment of regulations for business practices from the government. It's as simple as choices. Choose wisely.” said James. The end of the session is followed by the announcement of the EnviroPitch finalists.

On the 19th of October, the finalists presented their pitch through a five-minute presentation at Pacific Place, Jakarta. The finalists were presented in front of three judges: Tara Lee Susanto, representing Bumiterra, Abid Kamalsyah, co-founder of Tech4future and Akita Arum Verselita, Data and Research Analyst for Mongabay Indonesia. Through EnviroPitch, we are able to see a glimpse of the potential of the younger generation in solving climate issues. We hope to see more youth take action to protect the environment and make the earth a safe place for future generations to live in.

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