August 3, 2023

Who Are We?

Our Mission

Every business’ mandate is to earn profits. However, most businesses have yet to account for the costs of the nature capital that they have extracted and exhausted in order to generate those returns. The future health of our planet requires constant cultivation and maintenance of natural ecosystems, biodiversity, natural resources, and the communities that depend on them.

Bumiterra's mission is to create sustainable cooperation between nature and capitalism, so that we may one day have a new understanding of how valuable nature really is. We do this by providing businesses a service that enables them to pay back to nature. At Bumiterra we focus on cultivating, maintaining, and restoring precious rainforests as a way to ensure the safety and future of our home.

Our Pillars

Restoring the Earth’s natural ecosystem requires careful planning and execution. In order to do restoration the right way, we ensure our 3 pillars – climate, biodiversity, and community – are taken care of.

  1. Climate
    Selecting tree species that can grow at healthy rates and grow to be large, to optimise carbon storage (tree size) and carbon sequestration and removal (tree growth rate).
  2. Biodiversity
    Selecting a healthy selection of diverse tree species (at least 20 per hectare) to ensure a healthy functioning ecosystem that benefits all life forms from animals, microbes, and other plants.
  3. Community
    Involving and synergizing with local communities in our restoration efforts to create sustainable livelihoods and other UN SDG targeted development programs.

Get Involved

Subscribing to Bumiterra’s services, enables businesses to directly restore and protect priceless ecosystems, regenerate homes of endangered species, provide livelihood for millions of indigenous communities, and bring capitalism and nature one step closer to harmony.

In addition to our restoration efforts, we extend our support to clients in developing impactful and relevant campaigns, driving growth, and cultivating a sustainable culture. We work closely with our clients to differentiate and navigate today's net-zero economy, creating a lasting impact while promoting their commitment to a greener future.

Why should we get involved? At this point, it really should be a question of when and not why. We are not alone in our mission - there are many of us who provide restoration and nature protection services that manifest in different forms and business offerings. The world's leading corporations have already begun their sustainability journey, committing north of $851 billion on carbon offsets last year.

When we look back at our world 50 years from now, which story are you going to tell? For us, we’re going to tell our children about us being part of humanity’s greatest achievement - restoring the world.

Bring value into your business by bringing value to nature. Learn more about the Bumiterra restoration plan by contacting us at

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