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Unlocking supply is key to accelerating nature-based solution.

Reforestation holds immense potential for nature-based solutions, but remains underutilised. By partnering with local communities and leveraging cutting-edge AI-powered remote sensing technologies, we ensure the utmost integrity of our projects. Bumiterra rises to the challenge, spearheading a reforestation revolution that will shape a greener future for generations to come.

From our founders

After spending our pandemic years carbon trading, we quickly realised that just selling credits was not enough. We need something that was additional, verifiable, immediate, durable, with other programs that not only benefit climate biodiversity — but also humankind, through means such as social justice, equality, and poverty elimination.

So we studied rainforest terrains in Borneo, consulted with experts from all over the world, and started developing the Bumiterra Restoration Plan.

We both believe that it is in the planet’s best interest to reforest our precious Borneo rainforest, for it not only brings benefits to the climate, but also to biodiversity, and human livelihood.

The work is hard — but the reward is great.

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Why Borneo, Indonesia?

Indonesia's Borneo rainforests are crucial for protecting endangered Borneo Orangutans and preserving biodiversity, carbon stock potential, and human culture, as a legacy.

High carbon removal and sequestration ability.

Third largest rainforest cover in the world, storing 25.57 Gt C in living biomass and 35.9 Gt C in soil organic carbon.

Scalable projects that will boost the economy, not hurt it.

Forestry projects are 10-50x more cost effective than other carbon capture projects, although we also host most of the world’s mangroves.

High deforestation and biodiversity loss

There’s a lack of incentives to protect Indonesian forests in the face of an expanding economy. Bumiterra’s model changes that.
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Meet the faces behind our restoration work.

Fani is her community pride in West Kalimantan.

After spending her years studying governance and earning a scholarship to Norway, she’s now back at home to do what she loves the most–being in nature and giving back to her local community who has supported her.

Lusin knows his trees better than anyone we know.

Being a Sekadau native, his family was not too approving of Lusin’s call to join a Catholic seminary. With the same desire to serve the greater good, he now supports the team in fieldwork.

Lando works with maps and drones all day, everyday.

Using his background in GIS mapping and geodetic data, he provides the technical expertise to execute on our mission. This is important, as Lando provides visibility to the work that we do to the world.

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