Nature Positive means taking care of everything and anything to do with the environment.


Restoring climate.

The practice of preserving and regenerating rainforests removes carbon emissions by nature and is key to securing a greener future.

bird biodiversity

Reviving biodiversity.

Restoring Borneo's biodiversity is crucial for global health, combatting deforestation, and engaging communities sustainably.

people communities

Empowering communities.

Empowering Borneo’s communities uplifts individual lives and cultural preservation, reducing reliance on forest-degrading income practice.

Don’t underestimate what a hectare can do in a year.

Up to
15,000 kg
of carbon sequestered.
Up to
40+ species
of biodeversity regenerated.
One family supported
for every hectare restored.

Show the world you’re doing the right thing.

Actions speak louder than words. Display your contributions to Borneo's forests and livelihood, recorded for all to see.

Welcome to the cool club. Literally.

Join founders leading the way for a cooler, greener Earth.

Work with us and invest in the all-in-one solution that works for everyone.


Protect the environment, wildlife, and local communities through reforestation.

SDG-based solution

Bumiterra aligns its restoration efforts with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Powerful brand story

Complete transparency in restoration reports create trust for your end customers.

tree illustration