Frequently Asked Questions

How do carbon removals work?

Carbon removal is the effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the environment. Though there are many ways to remove carbon, Bumiterra removes carbon through reforestation efforts. Planting new trees removes carbon because trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the environment through the process of photosynthesis. Buying our restoration package guarantees that you are directly removing your carbon dioxide emissions.

How can I achieve net-zero emissions?

Being net-zero means that the total carbon you emit (carbon footprint) is equalized to the carbon emissions that you remove. Everyone, both individuals, communities and large corporations has a carbon footprint. We can start by reducing our carbon footprint by living a low-emissions lifestyle. Doing activities such as eating a plant-based meal, taking public transportation, and reducing the use of electronics and plastic are ways to reduce your emissions. However, reducing our emissions will not neutralize all your emissions. Therefore whatever emissions we have left over, we can fund initiatives that remove carbon. Inquire more about how Bumiterra can help you remove your carbon emissions in the questionnaire section.

Why does Bumiterra focus on reforestation?

There are several ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Bumiterra chooses to focus on reforestation because it is the most straightforward and time-tested technology for removing and storing carbon. Reforestation not only acts as a natural carbon sink, but it also poses many other benefits for the ecosystem such as improving air, water, and soil quality, biodiversity of living organisms, erosion prevention and many others.

Where are Bumiterra's projects located?

Currently, Bumiterra’s projects are all located in Kalimantan, Indonesia. We are looking to expand to projects in more places in the future.

What are the benefits of buying Bumiterra’s restoration package?

You will get a quarterly report detailing your forest restoration progress including carbon sequestration rates, tree survival rates, amount reforested, and other metrics which you contribute to your SDG and climate transition goals.

Does Bumiterra provide carbon certificate?

Bumiterra does not help project developers issue credits via other certification bodies. However, Bumiterra has our own standard of carbon quantification and removal and we sell directly to customers in the voluntary carbon market.

What is the minimum purchasing unit for Bumiterra’s restoration package?

1 hectare.

How can I get involved as a project developer working with Bumiterra?

To work together with Bumiterra as a project developer you must have legal rights or ownership to manage an area of over 50% degraded or non-forest land. Bumiterra is also open to other forms of community-based or educational-based partnership, contact Bumiterra for further details.

How long does an agreement with project developers on a project last?

Depending on the agreement usually, our partnership with project developers ranges from 10-20 years and can be renewed after further assessments.

What if I want to partner as a project developer but I do not have the expertise of experience in reforestation?

Bumiterra field operations team will provide guidance and supervision when you start, from planting to maintenance Bumiterra will ensure that project developers are reforesting the right way.